ASOMPS 2020 seeks submissions from academia, scientist, researchers and postgraduate students to present novel research findings in all practical and theoretical aspects in the field of natural products. Papers should be related but not limited to the following research scopes:

Conference Scope

1. Pharmacology/Medicine/Clinical Evidence

  • Efficacy of Traditional Medicine and Natural Products
  • Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action
  • Ethnopharmacology and Evidence-based Traditional medicine
  • Toxicology aspects of Traditional medicine and Natural Product
  • Network Pharmacology and Synergism
  • Herbal Drug Interactions

2. Biochemistry/Chemistry

  • Systems biology
  • Natural Product Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Computational approaches
  • Chemotaxonomy
  • Biosynthesis and Molecular Biology
  • Quantitative Analysis and Standardization
  • Metabolite Profiling, Chemical Fingerprinting and Dereplication
  • Biomarker Development

3. Sustainability of Bioresources /Industry Applications

  • Ethnobotany and medicinal plant survey
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Agronomy, cultivation and processing
  • Sustainable of raw materials
  • Product Development
  • IPR and policies

4. Bioinformatics/Data Mining/Artificial Intelligence

  • Molecular Networking
  • Meta analysis
  • Metabolomics and chemometrics
Organized by : Malaysian Natural Products Society


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